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We assist in handling audits by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in a systematic, practical and efficient manner.  We help evaluate the validity of assessments, determine the appropriate documents, analysis and legal bases, prepare protests, and represent the client in meetings and discussion with the government agencies.  With our knowledge and experience of the tax laws and audit procedures, we help safeguard the substantive and procedural rights of taxpayers and prevent unwarranted assessments.
We will become available anytime, whether by telephone or electronic mail, to render consultation and advice on various tax matters, tax issues and corporate matters affecting client companies' operations without requiring the conduct of extensive research and studies.
We facilitate requests for ruling to confirm the proper tax treatment of certain structures and transactions and Tax Treaty Relief Application.  Requests for rulings are generally required in the case of tax-free exchange of assets for shares of stocks, application of preferential rates of withholding taxes on income payments to non-resident foreign corporations pursuant to tax treaties, entitlement to tax exemption under Section 30 of the Tax Code and other transactions or income that are not clearly provided in the laws and regulations.
We help clients recover taxes that have been erroneously or excessively paid or withheld through applications for tax refund or credit certificate certificates (TCCs).  Applications for refunds or TCCs are recommended for companies that have excess income taxes paid,  unutilized creditable withholding taxes  as reflected in the final income tax return (ITR), excess/unutilized VAT input taxes arising from zero-rated transactions or change in VAT status, unutilized advanced VAT, excise taxes paid on petroleum products sold to tax-exempt entities and international carriers, other national or local taxes erroneously or excessively paid, or penalties imposed without authority.
We conduct tax studies and provide advice to clients on the tax implications of specific transactions or issues confronting the company based on relevant laws, regulations, court decisions, rulings and the first-hand experiences of our tax consultants.
We provide expert analysis of the tax situation of clients and make available to them a variety of tax strategies that will minimize their tax risk/exposure, and result in least cost compliance with tax laws.  Our services in this area include estate tax planning, and identification of the most tax efficient investment route, corporate and finance structures, and transaction schemes.
We evaluate companies' compliance with existing laws and regulations, caution them on procedures and practices which expose their firms to potential tax liabilities and penalties, and advise them on alternative tax efficient schemes.  Tax due diligence review is particularly recommended for companies which are contemplating expansion, mergers and consolidation, change in ownership or public listing.
We help client in transferring the ownership of real property such as land or house and lot through Sale, Donation and Succession (Death), coordinating with different government agencies such as the BIR, Assessor’s office of the Local Government Unit (LGU) and Registry of Deeds.
We organize Tax Seminars / Training on tax-related developments and special issues of interest to taxpayers.  Customized training can be conducted for requesting clients.
We assist in formulating and implementing  the appropriate and tax efficient corporate form, investment vehicle and other arrangements whether for companies that are newly organizing or that are simply restructuring.  We can help set-up and register clients' business with the regulatory agencies.  We can facilitate availment of incentives under the BOI, PEZA and other incentive laws.  Certain activities and change in company status also require approval of or notification of the regulatory agencies.