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Decoding BIR Tax Enforcement, Assessment and Collection
(with 2022 Addendum)

Decoding Property Transfers
and Taxes
(with Addendum)

What do they say
about the book?

"I am one of those who bought the books about decoding BIR tax, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the author, Atty Nelson Gargoles, for sharing his knowledge and experiences through his writing. The book is straight to the point and easy to understand. His explanation is superb and supported by legal basis and previous tax cases. Thank you, sir!"
Jun Panelo
Certified Public Accountant
"This book will definitely come in handy as it consolidates the references on enforcement, assessment, and collection. Very timely and relevant material for every tax professional."
Majidi John Bola
Tax and Accounting Professional
"I started reading this great and excellent book. Thank you, Atty Nelson Gargoles for this noble work. It is of great help to the Philippine businesses and tax practitioners."
Gerry Ilandag Piator
Public Practitioner